CostaExpress  provides a comprehensive range of logistics solutions
for business, which can be customized to support your operations.
Whether you are a small business, corporation or government
department, we can drive growth with our professional one-stop shop
logistics solutions. Simplify your business, improve your product and
service delivery and minimize cost by only dealing with one company
for all your requirements.

We are trusted to provide a personalized and professional service to
major blue-chip organizations. Our experience, as well as our
innovative approach to problem solving, means we have the ability to
provide a superior service and remain proactive in identifying and
handling issues before they become problems. CostaExpress can assist
you with your ongoing deliveries, as well as providing coordination and
management for major projects.

Browse through our services and read on to see how we can assist your

Small Business Solutions

Our logistics solutions and full range of services have been tailored to
suit small business, with large or small freight volumes. As
CostaExpress provides a range of courier, freight, packing and 3PL
services, we can customize these for any sized business.

Corporate Solutions

We have full capabilities to suit the time-critical operations of corporate
business, whether it's flexible pick-ups, storage or domestic and
international parcel delivery. CostaExpress's flexible services can adapt to suit your projects, time frames and budget.

Industry Solutions

Throughout our history, CostaExpress has worked with many
industries. We can adapt and customize our courier and freight
services to suit industry, business size, operations and growth.

Business Logistics

Simplify your business operations with our innovative logistics
solutions. Our expertise and solutions can help reduce the time you
spend managing everyday delivery requirements such as parcel pick-
up, collection and product returns as well as handling larger projects.

Specialized Logistics

We have the solution regardless of your industry or products. With a No
Limits philosophy, we can assist with packing, moving and storing
fragile, awkward and heavy items. CostaExpress will also provide
delivery for restricted goods.

Warehousing & Distribution

Once your business has outgrown your onsite storage, we can provide
warehousing and efficient 3PL services. Let CostaExpress handle all
aspects of the customer order process from picking and packing to
shipment and final delivery.

Events & Trade shows

Present a professional image at the next promotional event your
business attends with CrestExpress's supportive services. We handle
storing, delivery and packing of your materials as well as any electronic
equipment for a single location display or a show with multiple stops.

Customized Solutions

As a one-stop shop for courier and freight services, CostaExpress can
manage and coordinate the delivery requirements of any project, event
or business operation. We can easily tailor our services to suit your

Project Management

No matter what your project, CostaExpress can offer a logistics
solution. We have the expertise, equipment and national network to
support your project, whether it's a nationwide product launch,
conference or other major business event.

Advantage Partner

Make CostaExpress your partner for courier, freight and business
projects. Receive a premium service with a Key Account Manager to
handle all your courier and logistics requirements and customize an
ongoing solution for your business to save time and money.

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